Knighthood MOD APK (Unlimited Actions) Download

Knighthood MOD APK 1.9.5 (Unlimited Actions) Download

Unlimited Actions, One Hit Kill

App NameKnighthood
Size560 MB
MODUnlimited Actions
Required DeviceAndroid 5.0 and up
Available OnPlay Store
Last UpdatedSeptember 24, 2021

Hey there, from here, you can download Knighthood MOD APK which has unlimited actions and many mod features such as one-hit kill and MOD Menu. Knighthood is an RPG game offered by King. It has hundreds of thousands of downloads on mobile devices.

Knighthood Features?
  • Create Your Knight
  • Earn Your Gauntlet
  • Collect Unique Items
  • Unleash Your Heroes’ Abilities
  • Become a Legends
  • Join or Create a Guild
  • Win Rare Treasure
  • Customize Your Knight
  • Join the Knighthood
  • Easy To Install & Download
  • Root Free App

Overview of Knighthood


Knighthood MOD APK

The game starts when you choose your character and starts the journey of becoming a knight. An old man (Legendary Sir Edward Drakeson) wants to train you and gives you many goals, like killing a mighty wild animal and a goblin in your first task. Without any sweat, you defeat them.

You show him that you can use a sword but it’s just the starting and you begin your story. They say, to become a Rage Knight, you must reclaim a Gauntlet of power. The Knight’s Gauntlet is kept at the Tomb of Heroes and that’s guarded by a fearsome troll. Well, Fight your way to the “Tomb of Heroes” and reclaim the Knight’s Gauntlet. Unleash the full power of a Rage Knight.


Knighthood MOD APK

The gameplay is crazy and full of action. You just have to tap to action and use your weapon. You can see the enemy’s health bar on the top-right corner and yours is on the left-top corner. There will be multiple enemies, once your start progressing, well, you can see an icon on the middle-right of your screen to swap enemies.

Once you start attacking, you will have limited actions, once you are done, it will be your opponent’s turn. Well, most enemies target your armor first, but some like Goblins, archers, pierce armor and hit your health, so be careful, friend. There will be many rounds, once the battle is started. Each time, you may see different situations and you can expect unique attacking strategies from your opponents as well. Defeat your opponent and win the battle.


Knighthood MOD APK

You can have heroes on your side but they will take time to charge up. Once the charging complete, you can order them to fight. Hero attacks take time but they are so powerful and useful, and sure gonna help you defeat bosses. Each hero has their own unique skills and attacks. You can choose the right hero before starting a battle.

Hero’s Gauntlet

Knighthood MOD APK

When you get the Gauntlet, it also harnesses your rage. When you will punch the opponents, your rage power will be increased. You can release that to unleash your true power. It will kill bosses, also, you will need your other heroes’ powers, so make sure you use them. Once you conquer battles, you will get multiple cards. You can win gold coins, new outfits (that may increase your armor and experience level), and many more items. Also, there are various rarities of items including common and legendary, etc. Winning battles will also increase various stuff like your stamina, health, your hero’s experience, and more.


Knighthood MOD APK

If you are thinking of “where do we change our outfits and stuff?” Well, there is the Knight Option on the main screen, you can tap on it and access all the items you have. Remember, you will be getting new equipment from merchants, quests, and chests as well. You may find unique items, so be sure to have the right item, once you start a battle.


Knighthood also has a guild system where you can join a guild, chat with friends, defeat huge bosses with your guild, and access weekly task rewards. It’s pretty amazing. If you don’t feel like joining any, you can create your own as well.


You can find or buy chests. They will be sent to your vault. There are weekly chests, Gold Chests, Gem Chests, Customization Chests, Equipment Chests, Hero Chests, and many more. Also, you will get free chests at some particular time. You can even buy them with gems as well.

MOD Features

Knighthood MOD APK has some modified features. Check them down below.

  • Unlimited Actions
  • MOD Menu
  • One Hit Kill

What’s New:

  • Bugs & Crashes fixed now
  • Improvement in the App

Installation Guide

Follow these simple & easily understandable steps:

  • Download Knighthood MOD APK from here.
  • Open the Apk file from the file manager.
  • Enable unknown source installation.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Share it with your friends.

Rating on Google Play

Top Reviews on Knighthood

user review

“This game is extremely enjoyable. I really don’t have anything negative to express about it. The art style is different but its engaging and it definitely aesthetically appealing, there’s tons of variety and customization options.”

— Shay Guinn

Note: If you find any issue with the download or installation, then feel free and comment below. Thank you.

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